Our Guide to the Ultimate Cottage Inventory List

Cottage Inventories

If you have a holiday cottage, or are thinking of renting out a property you own, an inventory list for your venue is essential.

The inventory list you create is important for several reasons.

Your guests know what to expect and should in theory let you know if anything needs replacing. 

Keeping track of any items that need replacing is much easier with an exhaustive inventory list.

If anything goes missing, you know to replace it.

It also makes it easier to do your twice-yearly checks.

Breakages do happen, as do breakdowns and faults.

Having your inventory handy will make your job much easier.


Going that Extra Mile

Amenities in your cottage can really show how much you care about your guests.

Making a guest’s stay as convenient as possible and enjoyable too will go some way to making sure they either return, recommend to others … or, best of all, do both.

It might also inspire you to think of those little extras that really can make an impact.


A Downside

Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on guests to tell you if something is missing, faulty or broken.

Having an inventory list also ensures your holiday cottage is a true home from home for your guests. 

It is also a good checklist that you can add to and amend as time goes on.

Well-resourced, equipped cottages mean you guests hopefully want for nothing. 

It might also help with guest reviews so future guests know everything is provided with the convenience of a superbly facilitated staycation venue.


Room By Room

The obvious room that needs a full, up to date and current inventory list is the kitchen and/or dining area.

Putting together an inventory list does require effort. 

From kitchen utensils to knife sets, crockery to cutlery, glassware to pan sets, there are probably hundreds of pieces of kit.

Don’t forget the big things like the cooker, hob, microwave!

While these are fixtures and fittings, including these on your inventory and making a customer-friendly version of your  inventory list accessible to your guests means all the information is at their fingertips.

Other items to add on include kitchen cleaning items, cooking materials such as tin foil and similar products. 

For bathrooms, bedrooms and lounges, the inventory list might be less in terms of items yet is a good way of checking that you’ve thought of everything for your guest.


Kitchen inventory List

 From essential items such as crockery and cutlery to large white goods, the list is pretty huge, even in a small cottage.

Self-catering cottages need all the white goods you would find at home, including fridge, freezer, microwave, cooker, washing machine and maybe a tumble dryer.

Everything must be PAT tested and you can perhaps make a note of the date of PAT testing on your own version of the inventory list.

This is crucial for both your guest and your own safety.

Also, it could be some items such as the boiler and similar items that need annual servicing. Your inventory could have a note of this too.

This includes all gas appliances in the property.


Items that are Smaller

Littler items such as kettles, food mixers, air fryers, toasters and similar are also great additions to a holiday let.

Pans get lots of heavy use, so non-stick is a good way to go, along with non-stick utensils.


Crockery, Cutlery and More

Plates, bowls, cups, saucers, glasses, baking items, spoons, forks, knives … the list goes on. 

A good tip is to have spare sets if possible and also keep the colour scheme simple such as white or cream, so replacement items are easy to source.

Essential items to add to the list include bottle openers, can openers, a corkscrew, bread bin and more.

Always remember to provide the correct number of items, so if your cottage sleeps four then ensure there are sufficient items for your guests.


Don’t Forget the Pantry

While guests will bring their own food, pantry essentials should include salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar; tea and coffee (maybe decaf alternatives too) and perhaps a bottle of olive oil.


Cleaning Items

Washing up liquid, dish clothes, soap-filled pads, bin liners are essential. 

Other items you may wish to provide are spare light bulbs, kitchen foil and cling film, which, if they ‘disappear’ are easily area replaced. 


Living Areas

The big items such as TVs, DVD players, sofas, tables are all part of your holiday lets provisions. 

Keeping a record of what you have is essential.
Information to add to the list is when the item was bought, PAT tested, and professionally cleaned.

If the dining table needs special products to clean it, then let your guests know. 

Provide coasters and table mats so damage is limited.

Adding the date of purchase can also give you an indication when something might need replacing due to wear and tear.

One item that is usually found in the living area is the WiFi and the router and related equipment again will need checks and perhaps upgrading from time to time.

Good WiFi is often a requirement and as such providing the best you can afford is probably a sound investment.



Mattresses, bedding, duvets, pillows and sheets are usually provided with most if not all holiday lets, along with towels.

Linen rotations are essential and keeping track of all soft furnishings is crucial.

If you use a professional laundry, mix ups can happen so your inventory is essential for keeping a record of all items.

Spare sets are also required in case of accidents.

Cushions, throws and similar items should also be listed and replaced from time to time.

Hypoallergenic bedroom linen is recommended too.

Other items that will need providing include mattress protectors, coat hangers and perhaps a dressing gown or two, particularly if you have a hot tub.

Other bedroom items that should be on your list including mirrors, bedside tables, lamps, cupboards, wardrobes, rugs and even curtains or blinds.



 You may provide ‘travel’ sized items for shower or bath usage and these usually get used or are taken as a souvenir.

Therefore, buying in bulk is advisable.

Other items that might be on your inventory include shower curtains or doors, taps, light switches or similar, bath mats, toilet items such as a brush, toothbrush holder, loos rolls and any storage boxes.


Is Your Cottage Child Friendly or Dog Friendly

You may wish to style your holiday venue with children and/or pooches in mind. 

Child friendly items could include travel cot, stair gate, a box of games or toys, children’s eating items, high chair, changing mat and child proof latches on certain cupboards.

Likewise, if you allow our woofy friends, then you might want to provide a dog bowl, feeding map, a spare lead, a dog blanket, a dog walk guide, maybe toys, some treats and definitely dog waste bags.

Don’t forget, all these items need adding to your inventory list or lists!


Hot Tubs and Similar

Hot tubs are a definite draw for holiday guests!

They allow you to charge more for your holiday let and can really be the ‘cherry on the cake’.

If you provide a hot tub, then it does make more work for you.

Regularly cleaning, checks and servicing are essential.

You will also need to provide access to the hot tub (steps or similar), a hot tub cover, hot tub towels and dressing gowns.

Outdoor items that also might be provided could be a bbq, outdoor dining set, fold up chairs, cool box, picnic items and guide books.


Other items on the list

 Items you may wish to provide your guests with could include waste paper baskets with liners, kitchen bins, recycle bins, doormats, a key box with secure code, USB plus, electric fans, telephone, and more.


First Aid Kits and Safety Items


Other items you’ll need to provide include a fire blanket, the correct extinguisher, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, torch and a fully stocked first aid kit.

Regular checks for alarms and similar are essential and perhaps could be added to your list by way of tick-sheet with dates.


Welcome Books


Crucial for a great stay for many guests!

See our blog here.


Welcome Items

Depending on the length of stay, a nice bottle of wine and local chocolates, flowers, milk, bread and butter are nice touches.

A nice personal card welcoming the guests from you, the owner, is always welcome.


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